Our Product


Here at the lift guys we have a range of stairlifts that we can in stall in you home. Whether you have
a straight staircase or one with curves and bends In. We can tailor a lift to suit your home. Get in
touch with us and we will come and show you our range. All our consultations are free of charge.


Platform Lifts

Platform lifts have many needs. We can install in public places and workplaces if you require a DDA (Disabled Discrimination Act) specified lift and also in your home if you looking for a home lift to add
value to you quality of life and your home.


Wheelchair Lifts (Through Floor Lift)

If you are in a Wheelchair or if you struggle getting up and down from a chair of a stairlift chair then sometimes a stairlift isn’t the safest option when looking into ways to get upstairs. We can supply you with a wheelchair lift that will enable you get up the stairs with minimal effort. The doors can be motorised if needed so the lift doors will open and close behind you.


Outside Wheelchair Lifts (Step Lift)

Outside wheelchair lifts (A.K.A Steplifts) can be installed outside your home to enable you to get
from the footpath or driveway into your home without the need for walking up steps to get there. It
makes taking trips outside the home a lot easier and less stressful for yourself.