Our Services

Along with new sales of lifts. We also offer a repairs and maintenance for your lift.  Whether its a stairlift or a platform lift.


Let The Lift Guys fix it for you. 



We install all different types of lifts. From your stairlift at home, all the way through to the goods lift in your workplace. Be assured that we make sure you have the same excellent level of service no matter how big or small your lift is.

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Keeping your lift serviced means it will stand the best chance of lasting the time you need it for. So many lifts we go to are in such a state due to poor or no servicing. this leads to expensive repair bills when the lift breaks down. Don't just wait until you lift breaks down before you contact us. You could be saving yourself lots of money.

Shaking Hands

Working with other businesses

We work closely with other business to offer a spare pair of hands when there is a product that we know very well. We believe that helping each other out is essential to the growth of every business. If you would like out assistance for any lift repairs please do not hesitate to get in touch. 



When that time comes that you lift isn't working quite the way you would want it. You can Rely on The Lift Guys to help get it back up and running again. We do our best to keep the costs down. We can sometimes fit reconditioned parts if this is the case in order to get the lift back up and running until you save the money to replace for new.

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If you have a few lifts that you would like us to service and maintain please get in touch. We can offer a tailored solution from Maintainance only to a fully comprehensive parts and servicing contact.